Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hindus attack Catholic college in Karnataka

After St. Joseph Angel in Karnataka, India failed to fly the Indian flag on a national holiday on January 27th, a group of angry Hindu adherents attacked the college, beating students.  Following the attacks, the rector of the college, Father Melvin Medonca, was arrested:
During the attack. Fr. Melvin Mendonca, director of the institute, and Fr. Anil D'Mello local superior of the Jesuits, tried to calm the crowd, which broke into the school, disrupting classes. The police were present but did nothing to stop the attackers. Students from the school had to form a shield to defend their rector, but were beaten by security agents before the extremists. To avoid accidents, the priest turned himself in to agents. Under pressure from the radicals, the police forced the priest to walk the distance to station on foot under a shower of verbal abuse, anti-Christian slogans and intimidation. Without any reason, the agents detained Fr. Melvin at the station only releasing him at 9 in the evening after nine hours of interrogation [more].

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