Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boko Haram kills at least 215 in latest attack in Nigeria, 35,000 flee

The Islamic group Boko Haram orchestrated a series of attacks in the Nigerian city of Kano that have killed at least 215 people:
At least a dozen explosions and gunfire rang out around the city, the second largest in the country, located in the Muslim north: attackers targeted police stations, immigration offices, the headquarters of the secret services, but also homes. The chaos led police to declare a curfew for the more than 10 million inhabitants.
Boko Haram ordered Christians to leave the north of Nigeria.

Following the imposition of a curfew, security in the city has been heightened:
"The police were on a stop-and-search today and in two of the checkpoints, the Boko Haram members on sighting the checkpoints abandoned their vehicles and ran," a high-level police officer told Reuters, asking not to be named.
"The vehicles were later checked and the cars were loaded with explosives. Two brand new Hilux open pick-up vans were also found packed with explosives in the Bompai area of Kano."
We can be thankful more people were not killed.

His Excellency the Most Reverend John Namazi Niyiring, Bishop of Kano, told the Agenzia Fides the city is still in shock:
The attackers seemed well trained and wore camouflage uniforms like those used by the Mobile Police Force. This misled some civilians that directed themselves towards the terrorists, believing them to be policemen, and were killed without mercy.
Reuters reports that Boko Haram has killed 935 people since 2009, yet the group is still not on the U.S. terror list.

According to Aid to the Church in Need, some 35,000 have fled since Friday's attacks.

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