Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catholic schools in Indonesia attacked by Muslim group

Three Catholic schools were attacked in Indonesia on January 19th by Muslims in response to a post on a social networking site in which someone claiming to be Rudi Yohanes said he was "anti-Islamic."  It seems both the name and the profile of Yohanes are not authentic and the actual identity of the poster is not known.

Asia reports a few details of the attacks:
According to local sources, 25 extremists forced their way into Pangudi Luhur 1 Junior High School Thursday of last week where they vandalised the school’s property. At the time, a group of students was involved in extracurricular activities. The school, which is run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction of PloĆ«rm (FIC), suffered damages, including eight broken windows.

On the same day, the Stela Duce 2 Catholic School, which is run by the nuns of Saint Charles Borromeo, was also attacked by young fundamentalists. This was followed by another attack, against the St John Bosco Catholic High School, also in Yogyakarta.
The schools were closed following the attacks but are now reopened.

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