Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kidnapped Christian back with her family after 10 years

A fifteen year old Christian girl by the name Nadia Bibi was kidnapped in 2001 and forced to marry a Muslim man, Maqsood Ahmed, who beat her and tried to have her convert her parents to Islam.  Thanks be to God, Nadia is now home with her Christian family, but her story is not unique in Pakistan.
After 10 years in December 2011, Nadia found the strength to escape, returning home to her parents. However Maqsood returned with a group of armed men, threatening to kill and kidnap Nadia’s younger sister. The family then fled and turned to the NGO CLAAS (Center for Legal Aid Assistence and Settlement) that protects Pakistani Christians. CLAAS has arranged to host Nadia and her sister in a hidden place, starting a new criminal case against Maqsood.

Commenting on the ten years in which she was forcibly separated from her family, Nadia said:
Maqsood made my life miserable. I was afraid of being killed because Maqsood knew I was not happy with him. I felt totally helpless and I was very confused. Maqsood is inhumane, he has ruined my life. Now I have regained hope and even faith.

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